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A simple case for a PS Vita with hinged lid and opened letters. I welcome any comments! Enjoy.
Printing Instructions
I made this one pictured out of glow in the dark filament so I could easily see the case at night. It’s a nice fit, especially if you add some mole skin, fabric, or a couple strips of weatherstripping or something inside to prevent rattling. I also used standard paperclips bent and cut as wires for the hinges. I designed this to not need rafts or supports and it sliced with slic3r and printed perfectly on my 8″ i3 Prusa. The only minor problem I had was lifting on the base sides in a couple places. However, I used some thick ABS Acetone mixture painted inside the lifted spots and clamped it down overnight and lifting was fixed. Also, on my ABS, the lid’s clasp piece was a little too fragile and broke on me once, but I made it slightly wider for this uploaded version so hopefully it works better, but of course ABS isn’t as elastic as some other plastics.
Printing Stats
VitaCaseLid.stl Time: 8h 1m 43s Filament used: 6.78362m
VitaCaseBase.stl Time: 14h 29m 38s Filament used: 11.9344m
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