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The perfect addition to the Technically Proficient Interstellar Space Jarhead.

* Updated the tread connector. Simpler for an easier print…. Still though, I need to redesign all of the connector, make a brand new one.*..

Also, make sure you scale it! Dont have one on hand, so the overall scale most likely isnt correct. I’m guessing 1.5 of uploaded parts? If you know it, please post up.

Trying to stay in line with Games Workshop IP Policy. If any GW employee or representative wishes me to remove or alter any designs, let me know and I will comply with expediency. Below I’ve outlined how I tried to comply with their policies.
Overall – None of these are exact replicas. I tried to add abit of my own take on things or modification to the design. Ei kitbash it abit. Additionally, all models should just be used for painting practice. Practice messing up a paint job on a print, not your actual GW model.
Copyrights – I tried to make sure a “significant part” was not the same. Style, yes. Copied, no.
Trademark – I’ve removed all specific Trademarks. Ex: Aquila
Non-commercial – I’m making no money from this
Professional Distribution – I’m not a professional artist, using any of these as a portfolio advertisement. Just a hobbiest tinkering
Damage our brand – Not doing that. GW IP is a pretty cool universe. Hence the reason I wanted to make models that “live” in it.
Make it clear you’re doing it unofficial – I’m doing this UNOFFICIALLY.
Use trademarks appropriately – I tried to remove all trademarks
Derivative Works – I believe most of these models would fall under derivative works, two are three models might not, but I think most do.
Non-commercial recasting and 3D printing – I have not scanned any of GW’s IP.

Printing Instructions
No printing instructions provided by creator
Printing Stats
quad_cannon.stl Time: 0h 39m 27s Filament used: 0.517601m
left_tread.stl Time: 0h 54m 33s Filament used: 0.540811m
right_tread.stl Time: 0h 54m 11s Filament used: 0.540791m
tread_connector.stl Time: 0h 14m 52s Filament used: 0.118048m
quad_cannon_plate.stl Time: 3h 0m 46s Filament used: 1.81281m
tread_connector.stl Time: null 2h 37m Filament used: null
quad_cannon_full.stl Time: 45s Filament used: 1.69007m
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