Board game bits – Barrel, Crate, Corn, Tobacco, Sugar (originally made for Black Fleet) by Alluvian

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Miniature pieces designed for the game Black Fleet, and made to fit in the ships provided in that game. Great for other games that use cubes for something that could be represented by a barrel, crate, corn, tobacco, or sugar.

Printing Instructions
Picture shows all five designs I did for Black Fleet.
White Lulzbot ABS
0.18 mm layer height
240° C
Bed Temp: 110° C
Sliced in Cura 14.09 for Lulzbot

With cheap ABS you sometimes get slight warping of a part at the bed, this is no big deal for 90% of parts, but for TINY things like this, I find it can be beneficial to print them on a raft for better dimensional stability. The parts in the pic were printed right on the bed.

Printing Stats
barrel.stl Time: 0h 9m 16s Filament used: 0.0689331m
crate.stl Time: 0h 7m 36s Filament used: 0.0721271m
leaves-up-a.stl Time: 0h 11m 16s Filament used: 0.0758217m
sugar.stl Time: 0h 8m 17s Filament used: 0.0694688m
corn.stl Time: 0h 11m 38s Filament used: 0.0740049m
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