Jaw spacers and ball joint adapter for PCB vise by timpworx

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Designed some spacers for the jaws for http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:12756 so I could work with smaller boards (arduino pro micro, etc) and still have use of the wedges/locks. Adds about 10mm to each side. Also designed a ball joint so that I could attach vise to my solder stand in place of the magnifying glass and get full rotation, as I prefer the center location.

Spacers printed at 50% infill, .2 layer height, no support. Had a hard time printing the ball joint adapter in ABS – ended up using a raft and grid support and slowing my speed down to 20mm with 100% infill.

Tolerances on both pieces are tight by design, but some sanding should fix things if you run into issues with fit.

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spacer-v1.stl Time: 0h 43m 44s Filament used: 0.655012m
ball-adapter-v1.stl Time: 0h 16m 22s Filament used: 0.216579m
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