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Hex bit holder for standard hex bits. This allows storage of 43 bits and the two magnets allow storage of longer drivers.The printing involves three pieces; the base x2 that goes into pegboard and the holder that holds the hex bits. If you want to store sockets (1/4 drive), you need to print out the necessary Hex Socket Caps. I used a rare earth magnet and magnetic cup available from Lee Valley Tools.. This thing is designed for pegboards with 1 inch spacing like those sold by Home Depot and other home improvement centers.,42363,42348
3/8″ diameter circular magnet Part# 99K32.03,42363,42348
1/2″ diameter for 3/8″ magnet steel cup Part# 99K32.52
High friction discs for 3/8″ magnets Part# 99K34.51
Printing Instructions
Settings (Suggested)
Raft: On
Supports: On
Infill: 80% Suggested for base to make sure ‘pegs’ are strong. 50% is good for holder.
Shells: 3
Layer Height: 0.20mm
1) Print 2 bases. After printing, clean raft and supports being especially careful around the pegs. Remember to clean around both pegs. File as necessary for good fit in pegboard.
2) Print hex holder holder. Clean raft.
3) Using a #43 drill, clean out the two smaller holes on the back of the hex holders. Be careful not to drill through the body of the holders.
4) Using 4-40 tap, tap the holes you just drilled in the holders.
5) Using a #33 drill, drill the remaining hole in the holders. This is the hole that holds the magnet cup.
6) Using the same #33 drill, drill through the 4 similar holes in the base. These will be used to fasten the base to the holders using 2 4-40 x 3/8″ machine screws.
7) Using a flat surface and some sandpaper, make sure the backs of the base and holders are flat and free of any burrs.
8) Insert the 1/2″ magnetic cups in the recess in the holder. It might take a little persuasion (I used a vise) but should be close to flush with top after insertion.
9) Position the base and holder so the ‘L hook is up. Line up the holes of the base and match up with the holes in the holders with the end of the base at just about at the end of the holder.
10) Using 2 4-40 x 3/8 machine screws, fasten the pieces together using the holes that were just tapped. Tighten so there is a good fit between the pieces but don’t over tighten.
11) Using 1 #4 x 1/2″ wood screw, fasten the magnetic cup. The screw should line up with the appropriate hole in the base. Tighten but don’t over tighten.
Printing Stats
Pegboard_Base.stl Time: 0h 59m 46s Filament used: 0.771389m
HexSocketCap.stl Time: 0h 11m 36s Filament used: 0.0888053m
HexDriverHolder.stl Time: 7h 29m 21s Filament used: 6.35914m
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