CatEye Single Shot Plus shell by Ralf

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A replacement shell for a Single Shot Plus HL-EL610RC,including holder, that also fits some Chineese led headlights.

The holder won’t fit the original, as this was a flawed design that was too nose heavy, leading to catastropich failure within one season of commuting, making you want to print this thing.

Printing Instructions
Both holder and shell should be printed with support. The screw holes in the holder is M5 and should be tapped before it’s mounted.

Don’t print it in a transparent material like I did, it is very bright up in your face on a pitch dark road.. 😉

Printing Stats
front-holder_-_front-holder-clamp-25.STL Time: 0h 49m 6s Filament used: 0.672224m
front-holder_-_front-holder-clamp-23.STL Time: 0h 48m 55s Filament used: 0.67771m
front-holder_-_front-holder-clamp-24.5.STL Time: 0h 49m 39s Filament used: 0.677879m
front-holder_-_front-holder-clamp-24.STL Time: 0h 48m 50s Filament used: 0.6768m
front-holder_-_front-holder-socket-23.STL Time: 1h 15m 42s Filament used: 0.980497m
front-holder_-_front-holder-socket-21.5.STL Time: 1h 15m 21s Filament used: 0.984434m
front-holder_-_front-holder-socket-22.5.STL Time: 1h 15m 10s Filament used: 0.97732m
front-holder_-_front-holder-socket-24.5.STL Time: 1h 17m 14s Filament used: 0.98911m
front-holder_-_front-holder-socket-25.STL Time: 1h 17m 40s Filament used: 0.991305m
front-holder_-_front-holder-socket-22.STL Time: 1h 14m 45s Filament used: 0.973649m
front-holder_-_front-holder-socket-23.5.STL Time: 1h 16m 11s Filament used: 0.983644m
front-holder_-_front-holder-clamp-21.5.STL Time: 0h 49m 39s Filament used: 0.692361m
front-holder_-_front-holder-clamp-21.STL Time: 0h 50m 15s Filament used: 0.705234m
front-holder_-_front-holder-clamp-22.STL Time: 0h 48m 56s Filament used: 0.68219m
front-holder_-_front-holder-clamp-22.5.STL Time: 0h 49m 8s Filament used: 0.680549m
front-holder_-_front-holder-socket-24.STL Time: 1h 16m 44s Filament used: 0.986529m
front-holder_-_front-holder-socket-21.STL Time: 1h 15m 50s Filament used: 0.994728m
front-holder_-_front-holder-clamp-23.5.STL Time: 0h 49m 13s Filament used: 0.677832m
SlingshotShell.STL Time: 10h 45m 15s Filament used: 7.93856m
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