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The ZYYX Ball, a simple ball with ZYYX engraved on it.

Printed with TPU, and it had a great bounce to it 🙂
For more information on printing with flexible filaments visit http://www.zyyx3dprinter.com/printing-with-soft-plastics-with-the-soft-spring-accessory/

Happy printing
//ZYYX Team

Printing Instructions
Print two copies of this model with a flexible filament, we used a TPU in this case.

Glue the halves together with a compatible glue, in our case superglue worked fine.

To get an even bounce in the ball we used the possibility to remove all bottom layers in Simplify3D and configured the shells and top layers to get a 2mm thick outer shell and a sparse infill.
In addition we used the multiple process features to create a flange for extra glueing area between the two halves.

Simplify3d Settings:
Process 1:
Layer height 0.2 mm
Extrusion Width 0,4 mm
0 Bottom Solid Layers
15% Infill
10 Outline Shells
10 Top Layers
stop printing at 1 mm.

Process 2:
Layer height 0.2 mm
Extrusion Width 0,4 mm
0 Bottom Solid Layers
15% Infill
5 Outline Shells
10 Top Layers
start printing at 1 mm

Happy Printing!
//ZYYX Team

Printing Stats
ZYYX_ball.stl Time: 5h 20m 13s Filament used: 6.03875m
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