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Print the whole world!

Printable as 1 piece or in 2 parts as a case with the equator being the split. It stands solid on the south pole.

Check it out in real-time and textured here:

Want to have it colored? It is available over at Shapeways here:

You could of course also paint it yourself and use the Sketchfab model as reference.

Update: Added a split filled version that should also require no support, check out the instructions for more.

Printing Instructions
– World-North/South-Final: 2 Pieces split case
– World-Full: The full thing
– World-North/South-Filled-NoSupport: 2 Pieces non-hollowed that should require no support (I just tweaked it to have no 30 degrees overhangs)

I recommended printing the split version. Printing it as a whole can be tricky because of warping.

The world connector bits need to printed x2, put them in the holes of the south half. Then you can easily close and open the upper half.

Printing Stats
World-Connector-Final.STL Time: 0h 7m 29s Filament used: 0.0415854m
World-South-Final.STL Time: 10h 6m 44s Filament used: 8.89729m
World-North-Final.STL Time: 11h 4m 40s Filament used: 9.54884m
World-Full-Final.STL Time: 36h 16m 6s Filament used: 42.9728m
World-South-Final-Filled-NoSupport.STL Time: 18h 41m 0s Filament used: 21.8322m
World-North-Final-Filled-NoSupport.STL Time: 19h 44m 19s Filament used: 22.5157m
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