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This is the cat that we found to put on the MakerBot Digitizer platform for the photo out to all the folks who had signed up on the mailing list.

The Good: It’s a great model for scanning because it doesn’t have any occlusions. Occlusions are like the armpits of things that are there, but not always seen. This model doesn’t have any of that which is great.

The Challenge: LASER CAT is a ceramic model that has a shiny, reflective coating. When lasers hit reflective things they bounce and that makes it hard to scan. To make it non-reflective. I sprayed it down with some dry shampoo which is a powder spray that has rice starch in it. A light coating with this stuff in a well ventilated area meant that it scanned easily on the first try!

Printing Instructions
I had to scale this down a little bit in MakerBot Makerware to fit into the MakerBot Replicator 2.
Printing Stats
file.stl Time: 47h 17m 10s Filament used: 57.616m
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