Replacement Treadmill Safety Key Clip by Jmadden99

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The safety key clip for my Nordictrack treadmill broke, probably just wore out. Printed a new one a bit thicker at the point that broke on the original.

After about a year of using the original version, it broke too, so I updated it to be a bit thicker.

Printing Instructions
Printed this vertically (like it is shown in the sketch).

Infil: 75%
Supports: On
Shells: 2
Layer Height: 0.30 mm

Printing Stats
Treadmill_Safety_Key_Clip.stl Time: 0h 57m 46s Filament used: 0.593208m
Treadmill_Safety_Key_Clip_Thicker.stl Time: 1h 2m 41s Filament used: 0.670921m
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