Rolling Tool Chest Latch Replacement (Husky or Keter brand) by mccand

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I own one of the rolling toolboxes pictured, and use it to transport my tools to and fro. On day, as I wheeled the thing over a curb, the cheap plastic latch that holds the top shut broke. This is a replacement piece.

This part should fit the following:
* Husky Brand Sliding Tool Chest (Available in Home Depot stores in the USA)
* Keter Brand Sliding Tool Chest (Available in the the USA and Europe)

I’ve included the Solidworks 2012 file, so you can modify it as needed.

Printing Instructions
Print at 100% infill, 3 shells, with support material.

Some additional adjustments with a sharp knife or a file may be necessary depending on printer settings.

You will need to remove the center locking latch handle in order to replace this part. I suggest that you proceed slowly to be sure you understand how all the parts interact – there’s a little spring in there that has to be in just the right place.

Printing Stats
Husky_Tool_Chest_Latch.STL Time: 1h 35m 47s Filament used: 1.19454m
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