IKEA Lagra Lamp Replacement Pivot Mount by atreidae

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I ended up busting my wife’s working light for her sewing and boy was I in trouble for it.
So I designed and printed this part to repair the lamp.
My first thing designed in 123D Design, So far soo good.

I didn’t get to replicate the “ripples” that the lamp section interlocks tho.
I’ll see how it goes post print and redesign if required.. trying to figure out the polylines for it was difficult.

I know the lamp is worth next to nothing. But why throw away something we can fix with a 3D Printer!

The first print Bridged incredibly well. However as the hole in the nipple goes “all the way through” it droops as it has nothing to stick to in the middle. I also made the mounting holes a tad too small and snapped the print.

Revised version soon!

Printing Instructions

I would suggest printing with the circular nipple at the top if you have an actively cooled hotend and are a bridging champion.

Otherwise print it the same orientation the file comes and use support for the nipple.

Printing Stats
lamp_thing.stl Time: 1h 24m 43s Filament used: 1.06172m
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