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This is a replacement 3 button key fob case for Ford vehicles.

I’ve included a 4 button key fob front. The additional Button open was made based on a photo. I don’t have a 4 button remote to confirm the fit.

Printing Instructions
The model is designed with the necessary support built in. If you edit the Sketchup model the supports are individual objects and bright red.
(I’ve uploaded newer STL files with modified support and also STL files with the support removed to allow your software to add support)
This was printed with:

* .3mm layer height. (also printed in .1mm)
* 100% infill
* No supports
* ABS Plastic.

The tolerances and space for these remotes are pretty tight in order to get everything to line up and snap together.

Printing Stats
FobFront-NO-Supports.stl Time: 0h 51m 38s Filament used: 0.6218m
FobBack-NO-Supports.stl Time: 0h 59m 58s Filament used: 0.731238m
FobBack-Support.stl Time: 1h 4m 37s Filament used: 0.775187m
FobFront-Support.stl Time: 0h 59m 54s Filament used: 0.678587m
FobFront-4Button-NO-Support.stl Time: 0h 52m 44s Filament used: 0.624025m
FobFront-4Button-Support.stl Time: 0h 59m 11s Filament used: 0.688549m
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