Boscam HD-19 Mount for Tarot gimbal (T-2D V2) by mcancino

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This camera mount allows you to mount the Boscam HD 19 camera directly into the tarot gibal designed for gopro hero 3 cameras.

The design includes a pocket on top in order to put some weight in case needed.

You can use some foam to keep the cammera tightly inside the case/mount.

Printing Instructions
Remove the original mount for the gopro hero and replace it with this mount. Use the same screw provided to fix the mount to the motor shaft.

you can add some weight and put it in the pocket of the upper part of the mount.

Some problems may occur with the gimbal stabilization. This can be solved by modifying the CG of the camera (adding weight) or by modifying the control parameters of the gimbal.

The IMU was directly stuck to the rear of the cammera with double-sided tape.

IMPORTANT: Print it with the front hole facing downwards.

Printing Stats
camera_mount.stl Time: 3h 16m 48s Filament used: 2.28696m
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