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This is a experimental tire for the OpenRC Truggy.

Expect this thing to change!

It is printed in NinjaFlex with 4 perimiters and a 10% infill to simulate the foam that is usally used inside. Maybe a slightly higher infill is needed but i guess it all depends on the number of perimiters which might also need to be increased to achive a thicker, stronger outside of the tire.
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##By Daniel Norée
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I have also included a STEP file with Tire and rim for those who want to try printing both using dual extrusion. You need to add support to the rim though.

This tire will fit the existing Truggy Rim.


If you have any questions they are best asked on Google+

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OpenRC_Truggy_Tire.stl Time: 14h 24m 55s Filament used: 14.4824m
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