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A semi-protective semi-cosmetic cover for the HobbyKing 150 ESC that can be used in electric skateboards and longboards. Provides some impact protection as well as some water/elements protection. Requires HK150 to be disassembled to work. This probably voids your warranty so do at your own risk. Also skateboards were not meant to be motorized so ride at your own risk. Always wear a helmet.. Please do your best to not die doing this…
Printing Instructions
Disassemble your HK150 removing protective cover and fan… unplug fan.. this probably voids warranties so try at your own risk. Cover with silicone any connections that are revealed. try transparent as the brown one i used (didnt realize it was brown) looks ugly…
Print in ABS 2mm height, 4 shells, 110 heated build plate, rafts off, supports on. can be printed upside down or right side up… liked it better right side up.
The rear space will comfortably hold your remote’s receiver making it super stealthy. Loop the on/off switch to the side and put it in.. the enclosure will hold it in place. Then screw the enclosure on your board using 1/2″ long wood screws (regular wood screws with everything but the last inch work well. Screw both sides and be carefull not to pinch the wires in the rear screw hole.
Probably not a good idea to drive in a flood or swimmingpool but have had no problems with puddles.
Visit endless sphere to learn how to make the rest of your longboard as well as some cool friends. Tell them Beto Sent you.
matte black spraypaint looks cool… printing in black is cooler even…
Printing Stats
hk150_esc_case.STL Time: 6h 21m 14s Filament used: 4.48612m
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