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Switchblade 200 Folding Mini FPV Quad-Copter (200mm)

The Switchblade 200 is racing FPV Quadcopter.
The Switchblade has what is called a Clean-and-Dirty system that uses vibration thimbles to isolate motor and prop vibrations from the FC and camera.
The Clean-and-Dirty system lets you run tighter P.I.D’s and have a gello free video fpv session. Just like the name suggests, the arms fold inward, making it only 62mm wide for transporting

Printing Instructions
No printing instructions provided by creator
Printing Stats
switchblade_200mm_diatone.stl Time: 2h 28m 30s Filament used: 1.96629m
switchblade_200mm_diatone_1.stl Time: 0h 40m 36s Filament used: 0.224693m
switchblade_200mm_diatone_2.stl Time: 3h 5m 34s Filament used: 2.51532m
switchblade_200mm_diatone_3.stl Time: 2h 52m 36s Filament used: 2.33561m
switchblade_200mm_diatone.stl Time: null 3h 11m Filament used: null
switchblade_200mm_diatone_4.stl Time: 49s 2h 36m Filament used: 2.63038m
switchblade_200mm_diatone_5.stl Time: 10s Filament used: 2.07267m
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