tx5g25 lumenier protective box by yoannwyffels

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We organize and pratice FPV racing in France with my team AMR (http://www.amr-asso.com) and we use TX5G25 from Lumenier proudly gived by our partner StudioSport (http://www.studiosport.fr/emetteur-lumenier-mini-25mw-5.8ghz-32ch-raceband-a9412.html).

This video transmitter is compliant with local european laws regarding power transmission and is RaceBand !

So we need to design a protective case for this video transmitter in order to easy switch from pilots to pilots.

Here it is !

Printing Instructions
printed in ABS 0.2mm 30% infill
Need support for bottom (antenna hole).

Then simply glue bottom to top. You can also add some taps around.

We use 3M Dual Lock to lock it on the frame

Printing Stats
tx5g25_top.stl Time: 0h 44m 20s Filament used: 0.572669m
tx5g25_bottom.stl Time: 1h 6m 23s Filament used: 0.831888m
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