Xugong quadcopter landing gear by bnj

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I wanted to have a landing gear that could keep my battery from scratching the floor everytime I landed, and keep the props away from the grass as well !!

Those are super light, and pretty sturdy so far, I’m landing very easy each time…

Enjoy !

Printing Instructions
You’ll have to print the front and rear landing gear, as well as 4 nut holder. The nut holder self centers itself on the original holes of the xugong frame, and holds a M3 nut.

You’ll need 4 x M3 nuts (Lock nuts prefered) and 4 m3 x20 socket head cap screws:

Press the m3 nuts on the nut holder, and screw everything together.

Et Voila !

Printing Stats
front_landing_gear.STL Time: 2h 52m 45s Filament used: 1.76115m
rear_landing_gear.STL Time: 2h 27m 54s Filament used: 1.46304m
nut_holder.STL Time: 0h 15m 15s Filament used: 0.131838m
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