T4 Mini 250 arm, modded for UP printer… by Ktronik

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you can not turn off ‘support’ on my UP printer….and it was impossible to remove from inside the arm, and running wires inside just did not work…..

so I widened, the ‘ibeam’ till no support was laid….

my printer printed the motor cup as 2x 1mm layers that were not connected, thus very flexy ….I added a ‘bulbous’ section to the outside of the motor cup, so now it prints in one piece…cup is now 10x stronger on my printer, wider Ibeam means stronger arm as well….total weight increase ~1-2g…

I have the RCT HP1806 motors (24mm motor cup) so mod is to that arm….hope this helps other UP users, as this is the ONLY 250 quad that is fully printable without cutting in to sections!!! huge credit goes to Brendan22!!! for such a nice mini 250!!!

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t4mini250armv4.stl Time: 1h 58m 11s Filament used: 1.49909m
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