Armattan Morphite 180 Fatshark 600TVL mount – 20 degrees by btimby

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A mount for attaching the Fatshark 600TVL FPV camera to the Armattan Morphite 180 frame. The camera is angled 20 degrees upward.

This mount includes 26mm posts for attaching the full Armattan top plate, you will need 6 other 26mm standoffs.

The .scad file is included for your convenience.

Printing Instructions
It should print as oriented with your default settings. No support necessary.

This requires the new longer top plate from Armattan. It replaces the front two standoffs. I used 26mm standoffs, that is the minimum to allow for the 20 degree tilt. I used threaded rod that I cut to 38mm and two M3 nylon lock nuts. If you have some 38mm or 40mm bolts and nylocks, those would probably work better.

If you are not using the full top plate, you could probably remove the tops of the standoffs in your slicer and mount from the bottom only.

A zip tie is used to attach the camera to the mount.

My Morphite consists of the following set up.

– DYS 1804 2300KV motors
– Nanotech 4S 850Mah batteries
– HQprop 4045 bullnose props
– Afromini FC
– Hawkeye 600mW 5G8 vtx
– FrSky D4R-II R/C receiver
– Micro MinimOSD
– Fatshark 600TVL camera
– Pololu 5V step-down regulator

This is a super fast/powerful setup, highly recommended!

Printing Stats
Morphite-Fatshark600TVL-26mm.stl Time: 0h 51m 25s Filament used: 0.50561m
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