Cheap Ebay Hero3 Gimbal Remake by KPalivec

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This is a replacement frame for a cheap Ebay Gopro Hero 3 stabilization gimbal. the original version was all metal (aluminum) and I wanted to create a 3d printed version to save weight. Plus add some mods. Specificly a mount for a small FPV video cam and a slot for the accelerometer instead of just having it hot glued to the bottom of the camera platform. I also included a second Plain Camera arm that will use the included Velcro camera lens strap.

UPDATE: After testing I added cable hooks to the base plate. (baseplate3)
UPDATE2: After some flight testing I moved the pivot point on the camera housing so it wouldn’t catch against the back motor. The Camera housing will also fit the ISAW action cameras.
Also added some trays to the baseplate.

Printing Instructions
When you print the gimbal make sre to print (2) of the motor housing cans. They’re both exactly the same.
Printing Stats
gimbal-motorhousing1.stl Time: 1h 1m 44s Filament used: 0.825332m
gimbal-motorhousing-arm.stl Time: 1h 7m 2s Filament used: 0.754542m
gimbal-vidcam-hero-bar.stl Time: 1h 41m 44s Filament used: 0.931324m
gimbal-gopro3-3.stl Time: 2h 57m 19s Filament used: 1.91666m
gimbal-baseplate2.stl Time: 2h 45m 5s Filament used: 1.8924m
gimbal-baseplate.stl Time: 1h 45m 3s Filament used: 1.4466m
gimbal-baseplate3.stl Time: 3h 3m 25s Filament used: 2.06439m
gimbal-gopro-center31.stl Time: 3h 0m 54s Filament used: 2.04783m
baseplate-tray.stl Time: 4h 5m 36s Filament used: 3.29616m
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