KK2 Flight Controller Case by HLMAX

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Add some protection and style to your KK2 flight controller board.
Printing Instructions
Print top and bottom part of the case. For sturdiness, use 3 perimeters, 3 top and bottom layer, and 25% fill.
Apply double-sided foam tape to the bottom of the KK2 board and place it into the case bottom. This will take up any slack and prevent the board from rattling in the case.
Fasten the case top and bottom together with #4 X 5/8″ wood screws; or just tape along the outside perimeters with a strip of electrical tape.
Apply double-sided foam tape to the bottom of the case and adhere it to your favorite craft.

These foam tapes works well:

Printing Stats
KK2_CASE_TOP.stl Time: 1h 33m 0s Filament used: 1.17822m
KK2_CASE_BOTTOM.stl Time: 1h 43m 25s Filament used: 1.29266m
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