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I designed this mount for a mobius camera but any small cam should work the same.

I have it mounted to my F450 Quadcopter via some strong velcro i got from hobbyking but zip ties would also work.
It is designed to allow for the servos full range of motion when the servo is centered horizontally. The dimensions of the flat plate are 40mm x 60mm and the earplug holes are 6mm.

The foam earplug idea came from mitchellcook5 and his Dead Simple Anti-Vibration Mount for Mobius/GoPro

A video:

Printing Instructions
Additional Items Needed:

1x 9g Servo

4x Foam Earplugs

Some Velcro

Print one of each part using about 60% – 80% infill and no supports, I used a layer height of 0.2mm and ABS for extra strength.

The flat piece is mounted directly to the copter by velcro (or zip ties) and the foam earplugs are inserted from the side with rounded holes to help it sit flatter. The next piece with the holes in it is secured only by the foam earplugs with a little CA glue to stop them slipping out, they do fit very tightly though. The last piece, which the camera is mounted on, has the servo screwed to it by slipping it in the square bracket with the output shaft in the center then using the mounting holes provided to screw it in place. (remove the servo horn before doing this)

To attach this to the rest of the mount first place the servo horn in the hole on the mobius_mount_bottom piece and secure it using the two screw holes there. Next push the servo shaft back onto the horn and tighten the screw, it should now be complete. (Remember to center the servo before attaching it)

The pictures should help a lot with assembly 🙂

Printing Stats
mobius_mount_cam.stl Time: 1h 41m 53s Filament used: 1.44623m
mobius_mount_bottom.stl Time: 1h 31m 57s Filament used: 1.11794m
mobius_mount_top.stl Time: 1h 0m 9s Filament used: 0.871993m
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