Front shock tower for HBX 1:24 Buggy by Erl

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Spare part #24019 (Front Shock Tower) for remote controlled buggy in scale 1:24 from Haiboxing (HBX). An aluminum upgrade for this is sold as part #24603. I think this is also sold under the brand name Redcat.

This buggy is sold in Sweden by Teknikmagasinet as HBX Micro Buggy (

This part may also fit the truck and truggy variants in the same scale.

It is larger than the original in the hope of better strength.

Printing Instructions
Made in FreeCAD 0.15

Make sure you print this with 100% infill!

My first one broke, and the cross-section where it broke was tiny, due to me printing it with the default infill. I’m now printing a new one with 100% infill.

Printing Stats
HBX-Front_Shock_Tower.stl Time: 0h 12m 41s Filament used: 0.177655m
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