Cage box for D6-puzzle by Xanthus

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This is a cage for the dice puzzle from thing:199871, and my first design from scratch in FreeCAD. I wanted a display case that allowed the solved puzzle to be used as an actual dice.
Printing Instructions
Just print both pieces, making sure that the cap is printed with the holes facing up.
They have a very tight fit, so I recommend to increase the hole diameter by using a round-section file. Otherwise they won’t fit (if you print in low quality as the image shown) or you won’t be able to open them without breaking the cage (if you print with high quality as the broken make that I’m not showing 😉 ).
Printing Stats
My_puzzlebox.stl Time: 0h 46m 48s Filament used: 0.337155m
box_cap.stl Time: 0h 26m 8s Filament used: 0.305573m
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