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This is a model I did for the Giga Meter from Ghostbusters 2. You can find my work on GBFans under the account Tyrael

I’m releasing the deluxe 3D models of my project that are designed to include electronics like a 7-segment display, servos for the rotating ears, flickering LEDs, a motor for the spinning dome, and a small speaker.

You’ll need to mirror the handle half once and print two of the Realistic Microphone models for a full Giga kit. The handle is also designed for a disc potentiometer and pushbutton in any electronics you put in. I recommend using threaded inserts in the larger holes between certain parts and screws to bring it all together. Glue or ABS juice can be used to put the other parts together more permanently.

Under no circumstances should this model be used for sale by anyone. This means you, VideoBob. If you would like to make your own meter from these files, please be sure to credit Shawn Gealow for the original modeling of the prop, as is the bare minimum required with the Creative Commons license. I put a lot of time and effort into these and love seeing people using them!

Please note that I accidentally included the wrong handle files in the original release of this kit. I will update this page with the correct ones when I am able.

UPDATE 8 APRIL 2016: Forgot to add the dome crossbraces to the collection. This has been rectified. Print both and you can put them together via the notches in them.

UPDATE 1 JUNE 2019: WOOHOO REVISIONS! Changed several models to accommodate easier printing with less support material, more accurate parts, and easier assembly. L and R handle parts are separate files (but still mirrored, so no real big differences between the two; you can still mirror one of the files in your slicer to get the same effect). Front cylinder has been split into the cylinder and inserts for mounting static LEDs and a motor. Inner dome revised to just spin on the motor in the front cylinder and be lit up by its LEDs; holes in the dome will fit 4mm acrylic rods, which is accurate to the original prop. Front display split up into 3 models for easier printing, also revised for screen accuracy. Added a shelf to the display cylinder to mount the Realistic Microphones to. You will have to print 2 of the “Display Side Cylinder” items to mount to either side of the display, where the small blocks are to the left and right of the 7-segment display block.

BIG thank you to WindDrake and TheLegendOfMart for their remixes. If anything in these revisions looks familiar, it’s because your ideas couldn’t be beat. 🙂

To eBay user franscespep_47: go f*** yourself, buddy. I will keep getting your eBay listings for my Giga Meter taken down every time you post them. You agreed to the CC Noncommercial license when you downloaded my files. Do not think I will tolerate your repeated breaching of said agreement.

Printing Instructions
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Printing Stats
Battery_Box.STL Time: 5h 32m 49s Filament used: 3.48156m
Real_Microphone_Custom.STL Time: 1h 0m 9s Filament used: 0.408457m
Dome_Crossbrace_Bottom.STL Time: 0h 22m 27s Filament used: 0.354753m
Dome_Crossbrace_Top.STL Time: 0h 22m 31s Filament used: 0.354866m
Front_Cylinder_Insert_B.STL Time: 1h 45m 10s Filament used: 0.930865m
Front_Cylinder_Insert_A.STL Time: 1h 56m 34s Filament used: 1.37112m
R_Handle.STL Time: 3h 20m 18s Filament used: 2.49344m
Main_Body_-_top.STL Time: 7h 11m 32s Filament used: 5.66903m
Front_Cylinder_sans_insert.STL Time: 5h 10m 59s Filament used: 3.44555m
Display_Face_Bottom_-_Accurate.STL Time: 0h 37m 12s Filament used: 0.495811m
Main_Body_-_bottom.STL Time: 4h 39m 24s Filament used: 3.13089m
Display_Cylinder.STL Time: 3h 1m 13s Filament used: 1.90973m
Display_Face_-_Accurate.STL Time: 2h 38m 52s Filament used: 1.89914m
Inner_Capless_Dome.STL Time: 3h 11m 1s Filament used: 2.18071m
L_Handle.STL Time: 3h 20m 51s Filament used: 2.49388m
Display_Side_Cylinder.STL Time: 0h 4m 43s Filament used: 0.0425619m
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