Lawn Sprinkler (repaired mesh & new thread) by MattsHub

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I ran both parts through netfabb cloud to repair them but more importantly, I manually edited the mesh where the hollow inner curve joins the thread to make it a smooth joint.

I have added peg holes if you were having trouble with your sprinkler moving around with the high pressure of the running hose like I was. Also included is the version of the base that I used, with a modified thread, and a filled in version of the base if you want to insert your own thread into the design. I’m also willing to redesign the thread for you if you want to leave me your specifications in the comments.

The dimensions of the thread on the Base_BSP_Thread.stl file are as follows:

Diameter: 26.441mm
Pitch: 1.814mm
Length: 22mm

These are the standard dimensions for a 3/4″ BSP thread

All credit goes to falcon20cne for the original design.

Printing Instructions
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Printing Stats
Spinner.stl Time: 1h 9m 31s Filament used: 0.928359m
Base_filled.stl Time: 1h 59m 3s Filament used: 1.81745m
Base_original.stl Time: 1h 52m 12s Filament used: 1.52318m
Base_BSP_Thread.stl Time: 1h 50m 11s Filament used: 1.51351m
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