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A simple but effective carousel with mirrors.
We used it as an element of one of our projects, but you can use it to bring some light and colour to your parties at home :).
Designed to fit a MERCURY MOTOR SM-42BYG011-25.
The mirrors were cut at the size we needed (W: 9 mm, H:5 mm, L:43 mm).
The big screw is M6 and about 50 mm Long. The smaller screws are M3; and the length is not critical, but I used 12 mm long ones. The size of the carousel is 46 mm tall by 40 mm Diameter.
Printing Instructions
Put together the to halves of the carousel (You won’t need to glue them) and then just put a washer, a nut and the M6 screw trough them to keep them together. Then place the cap that will connect the carousel to the motor. Finally put the mirrors and fix them with a bit of glue if you think they are loose.
Printing Stats
CapLink.stl Time: 0h 0m 31s Filament used: 0.012323m
Carousel2_2.stl Time: 0h 0m 57s Filament used: 0.0155563m
Carousel1_2.stl Time: 0h 0m 56s Filament used: 0.015537m
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