Extruder Fan Blades Replacement – Monster Design by Professor-3D

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Yes – I attempted to make the blades a rather BEEFY Design – to force extra air flow. Included are screenshots of the piece I designed. Its designed to fit on top of front of the Fan – with blades going inwards – to where the original blades existed.

The fuzzy pic shows the busted fan – where only 3 blades exist of the original 9 blades. The blades got ripped out when I accidentally hit them with Hex screwdriver – while trying to remove the fan and repair a plastic jam.

The Blades are being printed right now on my Mojo – so, printing of the item by folks that don’t have a Mojo – may be difficult at best – or tough to remove supports.

I thought some folks might consider the design rather interesting. I may upload a pic of the printed piece – which is printing right now!


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