Graco Pack-n-Play Camera Mount by QuantumConcepts

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Mount any camera with a standard-sized mount hole to your Pack-n-Play so you can watch your baby from anywhere in the world!

This has a recessed area where you can insert a screw to connect to the mount hole on the camera. I used a couple washers, one locking, to get a nice snug fit. The camera can be moved about 150 degrees from back to front of the mount.

Printing Instructions
1. Print the mount with or without the raft.
2. Insert an appropriately sized screw through the inside of the mount and use washers (optional) to attach it to the camera.
3. Snap the mount onto the bassinet attachment of your Pack-n-Play.
4. Monitor your baby but do **not** give the URL to the government!
Printing Stats
Graco_Pack-n-Play_Camera_Mount_On_Raft.stl Time: 3h 49m 43s Filament used: 2.98702m
Graco_Pack-n-Play_Camera_Mount.stl Time: 3h 44m 57s Filament used: 2.84163m
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