Kvarts DRSB-01 geigercounter piggyback adapter by mdbijl

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An adapter to mount an iPhone on the Kvartz (‘krapu’) DRSB-01 geigercounter to turn it into a dosimeter.
Printing Instructions
– Print the adapter
– Use double adhesive tape to mount an iPhone on the adapter
– Click or slip it on the DRSB-01
– Create an audio cable (mine your info for that here: http://www.gpsy.com/ev/2012/01/modding-a-drgb-.html and here: http://www.higuchi.com/item/629)
– This is also a nice resource: http://www.bidouille.org/hack/geigerusb
– I only used the 1K resistor to let the iPhone detect the microphone, didn’t use the 100K or 40K resistor and haven’t added the capacitor yet
– Be sure that the speaker of the DRSB-01 is disconnected when the plug is inserted otherwise it will act as an microphone
– I also added a headphone connector because the iPhone doesn’t redirect audio to the built in speaker when a plug is inserted
– Download the app geigerbot
– Have fun
– Be safe (don’t be a radioactive boyscout)
Printing Stats
Kvarts_DRSB-01_piggyback.stl Time: 5h 27m 14s Filament used: 3.63137m
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