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This is a cage for the Cute Octopus that says hello. Prints without support and has an added flange with a hole to fit a keyring or a screw/washer combination to hold this tiny prison in place. MAY or may not have been inspired by multiple Cute Octopus thefts… keep yours safe!

Note: it is one piece, and as such, the octopus was placed inside a while after the dome started printing. There is no out, no key, no pardon, this is a life sentence for the octopus pending a physical jailbreak or unseasonably high temperatures.

Not limited to holding octopi of course, but the 8 barred and domed headroom were inspired to keep this particular (vicious) critter contained.

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Oct_Cage1.stl Time: 27h 5m 41s Filament used: 27.1247m
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