Grocery Cart Tablet Holder Mk3 by HunterGreen

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My previous tablet holder worked great (and people kept asking me where they could buy one while they waited behind me in line at the grocery store), but it eventually warped a bit in a hot car and then broke. So I decided to make a few improvements:

– It’s wider for a better more secure balance
– The two legs come together for a better grip
– A cut-out for my iPad’s home button

Set this atop your grocery cart (it should fit over almost any cart in some way or other) and set your tablet into it to keep your shopping list at your fingertips while you shop.

(Note: if for some reason you like to leave your cart behind and wander around the store without it, don’t use this, as someone might steal your tablet. I find it weird that I have to say that, but apparently I do.)

Printing Instructions
Printed in PLA on a FlashForge Creator.
If you print one, please post an I Made One picture.
Printing Stats
Grocery_Cart_Tablet_Holder_Mk3.stl Time: 18h 36m 36s Filament used: 14.1214m
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