Power cable holder for conduit based wiring by timpworx

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Was tired of digging for all of the plugs for my workbench tools so I designed a simple cable holder. Since my garage is all concrete, my electrical wiring is all conduit. This holder clips on to standard conduit and allows you to clip in 3 power cables. I left some spaces for you to write/stick/print labels for the cable holders. Printed at .3 layer height with 2 perimeters and 50% infill in ABS. I doubt PLA would work well with this design as some flex is required to fit thicker power cables.
Printing Instructions
If you rotate the model on to it’s side, it will print without support and will have max strength
Printing Stats
conduit-cable-holder-v2.stl Time: 2h 28m 43s Filament used: 1.96978m
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