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I built the open source MONOCHRON clock designed by Lady Ada:
I built it on perfboard using a KS0108-display and parts I already had. Note that my display is smaller than the display from the kit. I built the clock two years ago and now that I have a 3D-printer I could finally create a nice casing for it!
Printing Instructions
First check that your display fits the window of the casing. If not, re-size the model in the STL-file or edit the SketchUp design. Then create the MONOCHRON clock using perfboard and the instructions you can find online at:
Now print the casing. Insert the perfboard and display. Insert the push buttons and power connector and solder it together. Close the casing using four M3 bolts. You do not need nuts for the bolts, the holes in the casing are just the right size to hold the M3 bolts. Connect a power supply and enjoy your clock!
Printing Stats
pong_clock_casing_bottom.stl Time: 1h 29m 52s Filament used: 1.30566m
pong_clock_casing.stl Time: 5h 53m 58s Filament used: 4.36821m
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