Roomba R209 Chicken Walker Figurine by YoungBuck

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“Please check and clean Roomba’s brushes… you have twenty seconds to comply.”

Two versions are provided… the kitted robot on a build pallet, so you can build a posable version, and a preassembled standing figure for lazy people, or people who like to play with rendering software.


(Roomba is a registered trademark of iRobot Corporation. Buy their robots. Do it now, before they become self-aware!)

Printing Instructions
Just a memento from my days in the robot mines… this awesome cubicle figurine was made to print on the house Objet, but the parts actually work nicer in ABS.
The dual street-sweeper arms are mounted on double ball joints for the ultimate in posability- the arm/gun ball joint is a little tight but if you can’t snap it in then open it up a little bit on the gun side and it should pop right in. I left the slides on the legs line-to-line to keep friction so it wouldn’t slide down and flop, so it may take a little to work them in, The feet should pop on no problem, and then if you clear the main pivot bore on the body (mind the internal undercut, make sure that’s properly derafted), the leg joints should pop on as well.
Printing Stats
R209-posable.STL Time: 8h 8m 9s Filament used: 6.20388m
R209-standing.STL Time: 7h 34m 20s Filament used: 6.08415m
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