iPhone 6 Microscope Adapter by Gfischvogt

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Similar to: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:189170

This file has been adapted to fit the iPhone 6. The iPhone 5 version is shown in the photo.

This is a self supporting 1 piece plastic part that requires no assembly. The adapter allows you to use your iPhone 6 to capture still images, video, or FaceTime content from under the microscope. Zoom and focus are provided by the microscope. The adapter is capable of adjusting to eye pieces that vary 30mm +/- 2mm. This part was originally designed in ABS. PLA will likely seem a lot stiffer where the eye piece flexes.



Printing Instructions
This file was tested on a Makerbot Replicator 2X. Settings: make a raft, 300 micron layer setting, build plate heated to 110C, Support turned off, grown vertically rested on its flat base, density is 5%. Build time is about an hour and a half

My extruder tends to print over sized so the undercuts I have to support the bottom of the phone are over-sized to compensate for the part coming in about 0.3mm undersized. When print is finished just peel off the raft and your done!

Good Luck!

Printing Stats
GF00041.stl Time: 4h 13m 26s Filament used: 3.38648m
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