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These objects are modified versions of generated polyhedra. Part of the object is removed and a solid lip and/or base added.

Hopefully these objects are easier to print (and maybe more useful!) Two halves can be joined to make a whole.

The base OpenSCAD code is generated from my polyhedral index and edited. More about the objects and their construction in the blog. http://kitwallace.tumblr.com/post/84847277454/hemi-polyhedra

Printing Instructions
No printing instructions provided by creator
Printing Stats
DualGeodesicIcosahedron7-bowl.stl Time: 0h 54m 26s Filament used: 0.336187m
DualGeodesicIcosahedron7-hemi2.stl Time: 0h 51m 48s Filament used: 0.294079m
DualGeodesicIcosahedron7-cbowl.stl Time: 0h 55m 49s Filament used: 0.641218m
DualGeodesicIcosahedron7-hemishell.stl Time: 0h 45m 23s Filament used: 0.30132m
DualGeodesicIcosahedron15-hemi.stl Time: 0h 58m 50s Filament used: 0.335705m
GeodesicCube5-stellate_hemi.stl Time: 1h 47m 20s Filament used: 1.16754m
GeodesicIcosahedron3_egg_hemi2.stl Time: 1h 37m 11s Filament used: 0.671814m
DualGeodesicIcosahedron13-bowl.stl Time: 1h 24m 48s Filament used: 0.38241m
DualGeodesicIcosahedron7-hemi.stl Time: 0h 53m 33s Filament used: 0.317222m
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