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This is a very useful Vice style, self centering Clamp that is 3D printable on most RepRap printers out there. Recommended materials are Nylon or Carbon Fiber filament for stiffness and durability. Use M6 screws and nuts to mount it together and find some 3mm Diameter sticks to fit the ”hands” to the ”arms” (see names of components ”Main” and ”Bras” in the model for reference).
For our particular needs (PhotoVoltaic cell characterisation apparatus), I made those 8mm diameter, 3.1mm deep holes for some standard super magnets that will be super glued in place to hold a 0.7 thick steel sheet, custom cut, to be able to place micromanipulators on top of it with more super magnets. The 2x M6 screws and nuts half-holes between the 2 big parts (Body Top and Bottom) are 75mm apart to match labware metric standard, but in our case this is the attachment method to mount this clamp to the Gimbal of the apparatus once the PV sample has been clamped and micromanipulators adjusted under a microscope.
As I show in this model, the ”arms” of the calmp can be taken out and inverted to be able to clamp smaller objects.
I included the SketchUp model so you can modify and adapt it to your specific needs. Note this clamp is not heavy duty as is, you migh want to design new arms for that…
Enjoy! 🙂
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Printing Stats
arm_right.stl Time: 1h 41m 4s Filament used: 1.5001m
arm_left.stl Time: 1h 41m 2s Filament used: 1.50014m
hand_x2.stl Time: 1h 36m 23s Filament used: 1.1492m
body_bottom.stl Time: 6h 1m 39s Filament used: 5.57818m
body_top.stl Time: 6h 1m 41s Filament used: 5.57541m
thumb_wheel.stl Time: 0h 17m 55s Filament used: 0.264319m
worm_right.stl Time: 1h 10m 58s Filament used: 0.575269m
worm_left.stl Time: 1h 10m 58s Filament used: 0.57528m
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