Safety Keck Clips – 14/20, 19/22, 24/40 Taper Joint Clips by unotre

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These Keck clips are made fail-safe by threading wire spines salvaged from common household twist-wraps through one or both of the eyelet pairs and twisting off. Safety pins are also a good choice. Do not use for suspending large flasks or assemblies if the clips will be exposed to temps of 90C or greater. The eyelets only stop things from dropping if the loops become severed when operating within the normal temperature range. At hot temps, the crescent rings may relax and lose grip entirely.

After applying clips, always give the two joints a tug to make sure the clip has seated properly above the shoulder on the male joint.

**Print clips with medium infill and thick surface layer (4-5 layers). The connecting loops on clips printed with solid fill are prone to delamination at the crest during flexing.**


*Original style kecks available here:*

Printing Instructions
I recommend printing with about 75% infill and 4-5 layer surface. When printed solid, some of the connecting loops are prone to cracking at the apex and eventually splitting. I believe having less than solid infill allows the loops to distribute the flexing forces more evenly rather than concentrating at the crest. I haven’t noticed any decrease in strength compared to the solid prints
Printing Stats
Fail-Safe_24-40KeckClip.stl Time: 0h 57m 34s Filament used: 0.715622m
Fail-safe_Keck_Clip_19-22.stl Time: 0h 41m 4s Filament used: 0.468206m
Fail-safe_Keck_Clip_14-20.stl Time: 0h 32m 40s Filament used: 0.370543m
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