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What should i say?
We’re going to a camping trip.. huge tent, many children, little car.. And i considered that a few fruits would be good but where to keep them?
That’s why i designed this bowl.. it’s foldable and has a side length of about 15cm, a height of about 11cm.
I don’t know if i can print it before our trip, it would take about 10-12 hours with my slow printer..
Printing Instructions
print, put together and wire it as shown in the wiring picture.
More details when an if I print it 😉
Printing Stats
schale_base.stl Time: 0h 34m 11s Filament used: 0.511104m
schale_lower.stl Time: 0h 31m 23s Filament used: 0.481345m
schale_upper.stl Time: 1h 3m 1s Filament used: 0.863007m
schale.stl Time: 4h 22m 6s Filament used: 3.50785m
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