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There are still quite a few bottles on the market that have nozzles built into the caps for ease of dispensing. However, this also means you can’t easily invert them to make sure you use as much of the contents as possible… this is the simple solution.

Just invert your bottle and place it into the ‘sauce saver’ upside down so the remaining contents flow down to the (closed) nozzle.

WARNING: Before opening turn upright again for a second and open nozzle slowly… otherwise the remaining content may squirt out.

Obviously not all manufacturers bottles will be the same dimensions however this has been designed to accommodate what appears to be an internationally ‘common’ size used for mustard/tomato sauce/ketchup etc. Before printing check your cap is approx. the following dimensions…

Tip of nozzle: 10mm
Wide end of nozzle (where it meets the cap): 22mm
Cap diameter: Up to 42mm

If your cap is larger than this, so it won’t fit in, just scale it up before printing.

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Printing Instructions
Print with Raft, 0.20 mm / Std. Resolution, and a minimum of 3 Shells and 20% Infill.
Printing Stats
sauce_saver.stl Time: 2h 55m 7s Filament used: 2.55107m
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