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An Easteregg tree as seen in a shop in my town, albeit from wood.
Thought would make a small version of it in plastic.
Was even able to put some small thingies on the shelves 🙂
Printing Instructions
Made it in Tinkercad with 2 spheres, one hollowed to a certain extent. Then used a few thinned cubes to make the shelves.
There are two versions, one without and one with a square plate underneath. The first one would not stand on its own, but if you make it thick enough it might as yet.
Printing Stats
Easteregg_Tree.stl Time: 4h 13m 46s Filament used: 3.53015m
Easteregg_02_Tree.stl Time: 4h 24m 49s Filament used: 3.7157m
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