Pocket-Tactics: Children of Tartarus (Second Edition) by dutchmogul

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Introducing Pocket-Tactics! A fast-paced, modular strategy board game that all fits in a tiny bag!
This expansion provides a new faction that can be played against any of the current sets. The unit stat sheets and special rules pdf for this faction can be found here, though for the full rules sheet, visit either of the starter sets here: thingiverse.com/thing:41740 or here: thingiverse.com/thing:45269
Printing Instructions
Printed in halves at a layer height of .10 and 10% infill. Models were assembled with superglue and painted with model acrylics.
Printing Stats
tartarus_full_plate.stl Time: 6h 20m 25s Filament used: 4.01118m
relay_tower.stl Time: 0h 45m 42s Filament used: 0.471674m
titan_lens.stl Time: 0h 49m 56s Filament used: 0.642393m
dolophonos.stl Time: 0h 20m 42s Filament used: 0.233706m
void_witch.stl Time: 0h 20m 33s Filament used: 0.23161m
shock_trooper.stl Time: 0h 26m 23s Filament used: 0.275112m
olimyoo_gun_slave.stl Time: 1h 27m 29s Filament used: 1.09534m
longrifle.stl Time: 0h 32m 27s Filament used: 0.273312m
water_tile.stl Time: 0h 17m 44s Filament used: 0.168951m
complex_tile.stl Time: 0h 16m 56s Filament used: 0.196292m
ruins_tile.stl Time: 0h 12m 59s Filament used: 0.165054m
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