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I have been helping a friend design pieces for a board game he is working on. They are fairly simple and print well at .3mm. Maybe someone else can get some use out of them. The pieces are as follows.

– Merchant: bag of money
– Bureaucrat: Gov’t Building
– Archer: Arrow
– Infantry: Sword
– Champion: Shield
– Calvary: Horse head
– Catapult: duh…

The catapult requires printing four wheels and gluing the axles together and then gluing to the frame. They were meant to be only aesthetic but they actually shoot little pieces of paper and balls of tin foil really well.


Printing Instructions
No printing instructions provided by creator
Printing Stats
Catapult_Wheel_fixed.STL Time: 0h 3m 31s Filament used: 0.0300289m
bureaucrat_fixed.STL Time: 0h 15m 32s Filament used: 0.173323m
Catapult_fixed.STL Time: 0h 33m 55s Filament used: 0.252158m
Archer_Arrow_fixed.STL Time: 0h 12m 36s Filament used: 0.0626883m
Infantry2_fixed.STL Time: 0h 9m 55s Filament used: 0.062348m
merchant_fixed.STL Time: 0h 15m 45s Filament used: 0.168551m
Champion_fixed.STL Time: 0h 21m 50s Filament used: 0.185116m
Wizard_Hat_fixed.STL Time: 0h 15m 9s Filament used: 0.113431m
Horse_head_fixed.STL Time: 0h 24m 19s Filament used: 0.195947m
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