Modified Howe Bridge – Engineering Project (STEM) by WongZCMS

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This is the third example I wanted to provide to the students. I wanted to show them that different designs yield different results. This one printed just under 4 hours with the standard settings on Makerware. This came out perfectly! No problems at all.

*I did not add a support beam on the second column on both sides simply because I was planning on laying a small road in between so the students could test various loads with different vehicles crossing their bridge. This can be altered very easily however for more stability.

Printing Instructions
The actual design was made from scratch in SketchUp. I chose to use SketchUp simply because that’s what our school uses. We do not have access to SolidWorks, AutoDesk or any other 3D Modeling program unfortunately. I was very limited with Booleon operations as well. I have SketchUp Pro, but the school I work at does not provide the Pro version for the students. Another unfortunate situation. Every 3D model I print here and share are made with very little booleon operations to keep it simple. The students will also print out their bridge in pieces, rather than a whole. If you would like these, just let me know! I will be more than happy to send you the files.
Printing Stats
bridge4.stl Time: 9h 36m 33s Filament used: 5.19506m
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