Updated RAMPS 1.4 case for Taurino and RAMPS 1.4 shield by kenaaker

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This is an update of an Arduino case that I use to hold a Taurino board with a RAMPS 1.4 shield. The stepper and sensor wires go in through the top of the case and the power and USB connectors in the end. There is a space at the end of the case for a 40mm fan that can be driven off the Arduino power connectors. I didn’t put in any openings for the LCD controller or SD card.
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Ramps_1_4_case_fan_end.stl Time: 2h 0m 30s Filament used: 1.67909m
Ramps_1_4_case_connector_end.stl Time: 1h 58m 12s Filament used: 1.64065m
Ramps_1_4_case_main.stl Time: 15h 6m 34s Filament used: 12.2771m
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