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I took jwags55’s design, lengthened it to that of a AA (so I didn’t have to print two for each battery) and increased the twist (just for aesthetics).

For the hollow model, I changed the wall to .525mm so that I could print it nicely as a vase with my .35mm nozzle.

Also, I uploaded a solid model as requested in the original comments.

Autodesk Inventor source file included for the solid model.

**Edit 6/5/2015 **
I added a double and triple adapter to the lot. I needed this for a flashlight that had three “C”s stacked end-to-end and thought it would be nice to have one continuous adapter for it.

Printing Instructions
Printed on my Prusa I3.
Sliced using Slic3r

* 0.25mm print height and the “Spiral vase” option.
* “0” top and bottom solid layers, no infill.
* Printed the single without a brim, the others got a 3mm Brim

Printing Stats
battery_adapter_Solid.stl Time: 1h 56m 8s Filament used: 1.82753m
battery_adapter.stl Time: 1h 11m 30s Filament used: 0.756272m
Triple_Battery_Adapter_Solid.stl Time: 5h 44m 43s Filament used: 5.43365m
Double_Battery_Adapter_Solid.stl Time: 3h 50m 29s Filament used: 3.6303m
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