MPCNC custom brushless spindle IE version – Iteration 1 by gyebi

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mpcnc brushless spindle – small edition;

Bigger version with 5050 Brushless motor coming soon…

Printing Instructions
Did you know the 608ZZ bearings fit well into the 25mm ALU Conduit ?
Well…let’s make a custom spindle…

Basically you need 25mm OD conduit with 22mm inner diameter.
ALU conduit: 70-80mm.

You need to slowly squeeze the bearings into the conduit.
part list:
3x 608ZZ bearing.
ER11 Collet with 100mm length.
1xGT2 155T belt
1x16T GT2 pulley
1x36T GT2 pulley
1×2212 brushless motor
1x30A ESC
Arduino (nano for example) for spindle speed control (PWM)

Instructions and part list coming soon.

Printing Stats
MP-CNC-IE-holder.stl Time: 2h 45m 34s Filament used: 2.51362m
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